Good Old Days…

.  I’m 47 years old I have my own marketing firm and I have probably one of the best Jager stories possible. I saw this blog online when I was stumbling through some research for a client and I thought I should post a good Jagermeister story. During the glory days of my college career I went to some pretty big parties. I was in a fraternity so I was well aware of the drinking scene and I always had a good group of guys close to hang out with. Guys I could trust, for the most part or so I thought. It was Thursday night and I didn’t have class on Friday so I was ready to start the weekend off right, by drinking. We normally just stuck to beer but that night we were going for some liquor, Jagermeister was the choice. We didn’t really use chasers back then we just drank the stuff.  We put the stuff in the icebox and got ready for the night. There was a big kegger at a friend’s house so we started early with the shots. We figured we could drink the liquor first and then switch to beer once we got to the party. We killed the first bottle within an hour or so, still feeling pretty good so we started on the second bottle. There were only four of us so we were definitely doing a little drinking. We finished the second bottle and off we went to the party. We had a good time hanging around drinking and socializing, but we felt we needed to spice it up a little so we went back to the store and got a two more bottles for the party. By the end of the night the entire party was out of control I didn’t know if it was from the Jagermeister or the beer but everyone had one hell of a time. The craziest part came when we decided to go home. We started to walk back to my house which about a mile or so maybe shorter.  Well I decided I had to pee I stopped and started to pee next to a building. Long story short I ended up getting arrested for attempting to strike a police officer…Word of the wise don’t urinate on the police station.


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