Girls have fun too!

Jagermeister is not just liquor for the crazy bingers or frat boys, but liquor for the ladies.  Jager has a taste that women are able to appreciate.  The subtleties of the spiced but smooth aroma supply the drinker with a pleasant kick at the end that leaves a girl with a warm relaxing feeling.  Sure Jagerbombs can be all fun and games, but to get a night started, my girlfriends and I have a new preference for Jager and Welch’s grape juice.  2 ounces of Jager and 6 ounces of Welch’s can make for the perfect cocktail blend to initiate the night’s activities.  A few close friends and I have decided to start a bi-monthly meeting that entails discovering new methods of making wonderful cocktails.  Each month we decide to try out a new brand of liquor; this past month was Jager.  Personally I can attest to this being my favorite month yet, and I think I can conclude that my friends will agree.  We were all skeptics at first and didn’t want to just settle for the traditional Jagerbomb that frats boys love, but have been unexpectedly pleased with our results.  Our feeling good group came to the conclusion that we can now see why people do enjoy Jagerbombs, but have found our true happiness in either Welch’s and Jager or a drink we found browsing the web unfortunately called the Fruity Slut.  For those bloggers interested the Fruity Slut contains a shot of Jager, a shot of peach Schnapps mixed in with fruit punch, over ice.


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