Family Fun

One of the most embarrassing nights of my life had to be with Jager and Monster, the energy drink, the green kind.  I’m not that big on Red Bull so I switched it from the norm of all my friends. The night began after I joined my brother, a few of my cousins and some of their friends, just a little fun with the family; it is hard to beat such good times. It was the first night I had ever tried the stuff, Jagermeister, so I was already weary of the concoction known as a “Jagerbomb.”       The night started off just fine, I really enjoyed the taste of the two combined. I didn’t really like the Jager by itself because of the licorice taste, but mixed together it turned out to be a pretty good combo. We were all just hanging out by the chiminaya telling stories of the good old days.  A few drinks later we were all getting pretty toasted and started to gain some liquid courage when Adam, my brother, decided we should all play a drinking game called “power hour,” which is a game that no person in their right mind should play with beer or liquor. Luckily, but not really, for me it was the latter that was being used to play the game. Basically, the game consists of a clock, stupid people and then last but not least, the alcohol. You take a shot every minute for a solid hour. I don’t think anyone can ever finish the game and feel good about themselves the next morning, because I didn’t. We all felt so proud that we could finish the game, but I will never repeat that game or what followed ever again. We obviously completed the game, which was a pretty big accomplishment. I woke up the next morning feeling absolutely terrible. My head hurt and so did my heart because Jager and Monster was not a good combination for the body. It’s an upper and a downer, so your heart is freaking out trying to figure out what’s going on, do I speed up or slow down.  Anyway back to the story, I felt as though I just had a really bad hangover nothing a bottle of water and some Tylenol couldn’t fix.  I was sorely mistaken when I found my shirt, pants, and shoes all in a little pile next to the bathroom door. I was like, “hmm” kind of weird, but cool.  At least I knew where my clothes were. I went to pick them up to put them back on and they were soaked. I was furious thinking someone had thrown water on me and that had to be why they were right next to the bathroom. So without thinking I started yelling at my brother, “why did you guys throw water all over me,” I was furious! He was like dude, “what are you talking about, no one threw water on you.” I told him my shit was wet and that someone had to have done something, and he goes no one threw water on you! I got him up and we went to my room to show him that my clothes were soaked. He started laughing immediately and I knew something was up. He goes dude no one threw water on you, you pissed all over your shit… Sure enough I checked to see if he was right. Guess what? He was…


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