Girls have fun too!

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Jagermeister is not just liquor for the crazy bingers or frat boys, but liquor for the ladies.  Jager has a taste that women are able to appreciate.  The subtleties of the spiced but smooth aroma supply the drinker with a pleasant kick at the end that leaves a girl with a warm relaxing feeling.  Sure Jagerbombs can be all fun and games, but to get a night started, my girlfriends and I have a new preference for Jager and Welch’s grape juice.  2 ounces of Jager and 6 ounces of Welch’s can make for the perfect cocktail blend to initiate the night’s activities.  A few close friends and I have decided to start a bi-monthly meeting that entails discovering new methods of making wonderful cocktails.  Each month we decide to try out a new brand of liquor; this past month was Jager.  Personally I can attest to this being my favorite month yet, and I think I can conclude that my friends will agree.  We were all skeptics at first and didn’t want to just settle for the traditional Jagerbomb that frats boys love, but have been unexpectedly pleased with our results.  Our feeling good group came to the conclusion that we can now see why people do enjoy Jagerbombs, but have found our true happiness in either Welch’s and Jager or a drink we found browsing the web unfortunately called the Fruity Slut.  For those bloggers interested the Fruity Slut contains a shot of Jager, a shot of peach Schnapps mixed in with fruit punch, over ice.


A little taste of history.

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First, I just want to say Jagermeister is a type of Liqueur, called Kräuterlikör. Liqueur is an alcoholic beverage that has been flavored with fruit, herbs, nuts, spices, flowers, or cream and bottled with added sugar. Kräuterlikör is simply an herbal liqueur. The two combine to make a great drink. I am a well known fine liquor blogger and I needed to see what this blog was all about. I don’t have any crazy stories about a night on Jager, but I do have some insight on the Liqueur. A little history lesson actually. Jagermeister is a German 70-proof digestive, which means it is meant to be consumed after a meal. There is a term still used in Germany called Leberkleister, which means “liver glue” doesn’t sound to healthy right. The term Jagermeister was introduced in Germany in 1934, the new Reichsjagdgesetz (Reich hunting law). It was given this name because it was applied to senior foresters and gamekeepers in the German civil service. The term Jagermeister means “hunter-master.” The Jagermeister logo, which shows the head of a stag with a glowing cross between its antlers, is a reference to the stories of Saint Hubertus and Saint Eustace. For best taste it is recommended that Jagermeister be consumed cold, and that it be kept in a freezer at –18°C (0°F), or on tap between –15° and –11°C (5° to 12°F).  Many popular drinks are made with Jager because of its unique flavoring.  Jagermeister, like all other alcoholic beverages, or liquors, should be consumed responsibly.

Good Old Days…

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.  I’m 47 years old I have my own marketing firm and I have probably one of the best Jager stories possible. I saw this blog online when I was stumbling through some research for a client and I thought I should post a good Jagermeister story. During the glory days of my college career I went to some pretty big parties. I was in a fraternity so I was well aware of the drinking scene and I always had a good group of guys close to hang out with. Guys I could trust, for the most part or so I thought. It was Thursday night and I didn’t have class on Friday so I was ready to start the weekend off right, by drinking. We normally just stuck to beer but that night we were going for some liquor, Jagermeister was the choice. We didn’t really use chasers back then we just drank the stuff.  We put the stuff in the icebox and got ready for the night. There was a big kegger at a friend’s house so we started early with the shots. We figured we could drink the liquor first and then switch to beer once we got to the party. We killed the first bottle within an hour or so, still feeling pretty good so we started on the second bottle. There were only four of us so we were definitely doing a little drinking. We finished the second bottle and off we went to the party. We had a good time hanging around drinking and socializing, but we felt we needed to spice it up a little so we went back to the store and got a two more bottles for the party. By the end of the night the entire party was out of control I didn’t know if it was from the Jagermeister or the beer but everyone had one hell of a time. The craziest part came when we decided to go home. We started to walk back to my house which about a mile or so maybe shorter.  Well I decided I had to pee I stopped and started to pee next to a building. Long story short I ended up getting arrested for attempting to strike a police officer…Word of the wise don’t urinate on the police station.

Family Fun

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One of the most embarrassing nights of my life had to be with Jager and Monster, the energy drink, the green kind.  I’m not that big on Red Bull so I switched it from the norm of all my friends. The night began after I joined my brother, a few of my cousins and some of their friends, just a little fun with the family; it is hard to beat such good times. It was the first night I had ever tried the stuff, Jagermeister, so I was already weary of the concoction known as a “Jagerbomb.”       The night started off just fine, I really enjoyed the taste of the two combined. I didn’t really like the Jager by itself because of the licorice taste, but mixed together it turned out to be a pretty good combo. We were all just hanging out by the chiminaya telling stories of the good old days.  A few drinks later we were all getting pretty toasted and started to gain some liquid courage when Adam, my brother, decided we should all play a drinking game called “power hour,” which is a game that no person in their right mind should play with beer or liquor. Luckily, but not really, for me it was the latter that was being used to play the game. Basically, the game consists of a clock, stupid people and then last but not least, the alcohol. You take a shot every minute for a solid hour. I don’t think anyone can ever finish the game and feel good about themselves the next morning, because I didn’t. We all felt so proud that we could finish the game, but I will never repeat that game or what followed ever again. We obviously completed the game, which was a pretty big accomplishment. I woke up the next morning feeling absolutely terrible. My head hurt and so did my heart because Jager and Monster was not a good combination for the body. It’s an upper and a downer, so your heart is freaking out trying to figure out what’s going on, do I speed up or slow down.  Anyway back to the story, I felt as though I just had a really bad hangover nothing a bottle of water and some Tylenol couldn’t fix.  I was sorely mistaken when I found my shirt, pants, and shoes all in a little pile next to the bathroom door. I was like, “hmm” kind of weird, but cool.  At least I knew where my clothes were. I went to pick them up to put them back on and they were soaked. I was furious thinking someone had thrown water on me and that had to be why they were right next to the bathroom. So without thinking I started yelling at my brother, “why did you guys throw water all over me,” I was furious! He was like dude, “what are you talking about, no one threw water on you.” I told him my shit was wet and that someone had to have done something, and he goes no one threw water on you! I got him up and we went to my room to show him that my clothes were soaked. He started laughing immediately and I knew something was up. He goes dude no one threw water on you, you pissed all over your shit… Sure enough I checked to see if he was right. Guess what? He was…

College Fun

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I am an avid drinker of liquor.  As a connoisseur, I know what I’m talking about when I say that I love the taste of Jagermeister.  Jagermeister embodies a taste that hints at a sweet licorice flavor. The drink is good as a shot or in a mixed drink. I prefer Red Bull and Jager, because it tastes amazing and keeps you going all night. The drink has the sugar and caffeine from the Red Bull, and the alcohol to get you drunk! All that being said, I had an amazing night with my friends last night with our drink of choice, obviously “Jager and Red Bull” we took shots and chased them with Red Bull.  Some individuals take “Jagerbombs,” which is when you drop a shot of Jager in a cup of Red Bull and chug the two. When Jagerboms weren’t enough, we then made mixed drinks and played Jager Pong.  Jager Pong is basically the same as beer pong but you use a quarter of the cup, which equals out to a shot or so. Needless to say we were having fun.

             The girls showed up not long after the game of Jager Pong and they wanted shots of Jager too.  It was shots all around the bar of our house. The bar has a pool table, a beer pong table/ foosball table. It’s a pretty happening place and its right by the bar so we can walk and not have to worry about driving later in the night or taking a taxi. The last thing I remember was we were all walking back from the bars shouting at cars and yelling at people that drove by, nothing obscene of course…The next thing I knew I woke up in the garage with my shirt off duck taped to a chair. My chest and back hair will never be the same…